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The Change Georgia Needs.
A Heritage Only Georgia Can Offer.
Cathy Cox. Governor.

In so many ways, her life and character reflect the best our state has to offer. The value of a small-town upbringing. The strength found in personal faith. And the enduring power of principles like responsibility, opportunity, and progress.

This is the story of Georgia's Secretary of State, and our next Governor - Cathy Cox.

Cathy Cox with her father Walter

Born into a Small Town’s Tradition of Helping Others

She grew up just one block from the town square in Bainbridge, one of the many close-knit towns in southwest Georgia. As a child, Cathy Cox was blessed by a community of supportive neighbors and safe neighborhoods, strong families and solid virtues.

Her mother taught art and music to children and adults from all parts of town. Cox's father ran the local funeral home, where his front porch served as a gathering place for family and friends seeking comfort and companionship. Her dad later served as Mayor of Bainbridge, and enjoyed a long and distinguished tenure in the Georgia Legislature.

First Methodist Church of Bainbridge

Growing Up in the Church

In her teen years, Cathy Cox's life was centered around her local church -- a community of faith that encourages and sustains her to this day. Not content to focus solely on her personal spiritual growth, but to be a leader among her peers, Cox taught Sunday school at the First United Methodist Church of Bainbridge, sang in the choir, served as a communion steward, and participated in missions to rebuild inner city homes and provide relief to the poor. As Cox puts it: "We are called as Christians to help all our brothers and sisters."

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Cathy Cox brought that experience and perspective to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, earning a degree in agriculture. She then went on to the University of Georgia and graduated with a degree in journalism. She served as a newspaper reporter for The Gainesville Times and The Post-Searchlight in Bainbridge, covering all kinds of community news, including the work of local law enforcement and fire departments. Their example of service and sacrifice inspired Cox herself to undergo training and become a certified volunteer firefighter.

A Life of Service Continues

Driven to find new ways to serve her community, Cox earned her law degree from Mercer University Law School. She was a standout student, and continued to hone both her knowledge of the law and her leadership instincts as editor of the Mercer Law Review. For ten years, she practiced law in Atlanta and Bainbridge, helping regular people and small businesses solve everyday problems.

In Bainbridge, Cathy Cox followed her father's example of public service, winning a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1992. As a rural legislator, Cox established a common sense record of accomplishment and leadership, serving the folks back home with tax cuts and investments in local roads and schools.

And as Georgia's Secretary of State since 1999, Cathy Cox has been a force for sweeping change, making a meaningful difference in the lives of all Georgians and the small businesses that are the backbone of Georgia's economy.

Leading and Improving

Cox moved the largest division of her office out of Atlanta to middle Georgia, saving tax dollars and bringing the resources of government closer to the people it serves. She's won praise for modernizing Georgia's system of elections, ensuring every vote is counted. Cutting red tape that threatens to stifle economic growth. Cracking down on deadbeat parents. And respecting Georgia taxpayers -- returning hundreds of thousands of dollars to the state treasury every single year she's been in office.

Now, running for Governor, Cox is pledging to bring that same spirit of change and refreshing leadership style to all of state government. For too long, the state has endured a political culture that rewards insiders with connections under the Gold Dome, while sweeping the problems of everyday Georgians under the rug.

Cathy Cox with her husband Mark

With her combination of small-town common sense and record as an agent of change, Cathy Cox is unwavering in her commitment to make government work in the interest of each and every Georgian. She is steadfast in her belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and prosper.

Cathy Cox and her husband Mark Dehler, an attorney and a former Airborne Ranger infantryman, live in DeKalb County near Decatur, Georgia.

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