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"Now she rests in God’s loving arms beside her beloved husband."

Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox issued the following statement today upon the death of Mrs. Coretta Scott King:

“The passing of Coretta Scott King is a loss not only to our community and to Georgia, but to the nation and the entire world. To her final hours, Mrs. King’s unwavering commitment to non-violence, justice, civil and human rights burned bright: a beacon of hope that reached every corner of the world.

“During Dr. King’s life, Mrs. King was a full and essential partner in her husband’s work to make good America’s promise of freedom and equality for all. Her quiet strength, her strong faith and her commitment to family was the bedrock upon which Dr. King built his timeless legacy.

“Mrs. King’s journey, which began on a small Alabama farm more than 78 years ago, was remarkable and unmistakably American. Before that journey had ended, she had counseled presidents, popes, prime ministers and religious leaders on every continent. Her relentless devotion to Dr. King’s legacy was the driving force behind the creation of the King Center, the King federal holiday, and countless initiatives here and abroad to teach and spread the Gospel of justice and non-violence.

“I was blessed to know her and benefit from her counsel. I join with millions of Americans in praying for God’s comfort for her children and all the members of her loving family.

“Now she rests in God’s loving arms beside her beloved husband. Of this we may be certain: Her eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”
Posted by: Morton Brilliant
01:00 PM January 31

Cathy Cox Kicks Off Campaign Tour

Cathy Cox kicked off her Campaign Tour Thursday on the steps of the state Capitol. The legislators stood with Cathy as she told the public about her plans to meet with people in the Atlanta community and across the state to promote her reform agenda. Even though it was a chilly morning, the crowd was lively. Chants and cheers filled the air as Cathy waved to the crowd leaving the Gold Dome behind her and headed to her first stop at the Atlanta Job Corps.

Posted by: Elizabeth Ponder
08:02 PM January 27

Reforming Georgia's Government

For all of the talk from our government’s leaders about ethics reform, we have seen our government become less accountable and ethical

Instead of working for all Georgians, our government has become focused on helping the insiders. Under the Perdue administration, corporations have underwritten research to benefit their bottom lines. And within the last two weeks, we saw the need for change when Governor Perdue’s political team forced out our state’s top non-partisan ethics watchdog.

We can do better.

I have unveiled a plan to promote government reform, accountability and responsibility. This far-reaching proposal will close the revolving door of government, put ethics law enforcement in the hands of a truly independent body, create a tough code of ethics, and reform the way state contracting is done.

You can download your own copy of the plan by clicking here .

Among the specifics of this plan are proposals to:

• Make the State Ethics Commission and the State Elections Board non-political and independent, with their members appointed by the judiciary rather than the governor, House and Senate leadership or political parties.

• Keep partisan politics out of county-wide offices so people are more effectively served.

• Prohibit corporations from underwriting state research that could benefit their own bottom line.

• Require Legislators and state elected officials to disclose whether their personal business or their employer has done business with the state in the past five years or is soliciting business with the state.

• Create an independent State Contracting Standards Board.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to download this plan and share your thoughts with me. I will need your support to make these changes a reality.

We deserve a government that works to create opportunities for all Georgians, not just the insiders. My plan will make government more accountable to the people it serves.

Thank you again for all the help you have provided to our campaign. This is just the first of several plans that we will lay out during this campaign. But none of them can come to be without your continued involvement and support.


Cathy Cox

Posted by: David McLaughlin
02:59 PM January 24


In Your Own Words: Perdue and Ethics

When Sonny Perdue’s political team forced out the state’s top non-partisan ethics, we asked you to send a message to the Governor.

And did you ever.

Over the last 24 hours, hundreds of you signed our petition. These are just a few of your comments:

“I am disappointed that your office is playing partisan games. It is alarming that you mounted a partisan attack on the Ethics Commission and that you next plan to reinstate partisan elections for judges. As a lawyer, I can tell you that party politics has no place in the justice system. We need impartial and independant judges who dispense justice without anyone pulling their strings.”
“This is just another attempt at unethical political manuevering to sabatoge honesty in government.”
“Governor Perdue needs to stop trying to control all branches of the government and become more responsible about the decisions that fall within his constitutional powers. He called Gov. Barnes ‘King Roy’ but it looks as though he wants to be ‘Emperor Sonny’. Hopefully, we can have a change in administrations in 2006.”
“Governor Perdue,
I voted for you because of your promises on integrity and efficiency in government. Your personal integrity record does not seem clean. You defend the unethical practices of those you have appointed. You dropped the ball with weak ethics legislation. Accountability is a wonderful thing, and I plan to use it when I vote for governor.”
“The ethics commission should not be a partisan political entity. To be viable it must operate as a non-partisan, objective instrument of our government honoring the intent of the law and rules governing our political process.”

There’s still time to make your voices heard. Sign the petition today.

Posted by: Morton Brilliant
11:59 AM January 06
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An Evening in Dalton

Cathy Cox brought her campaign for change to Dalton last night. She touched on education, jobs and openness in government. She also emphasized her willingness to reach out to all Georgians, regardless of party label. The Dalton Daily Citizen picks up the story:

Whitfield County isn’t a hostile place for Democrats, says Georgia Secretary of State. Cox, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, came to Dalton on a campaign swing Tuesday.
“The reception has been very good, and I think in large part that’s because of a very different message we are trying to send in this campaign,‿ said Cox, who acknowledged that Whitfield County has gone solidly Republican in recent years.
Cox noted that the chairman of her campaign is former Republican state legislator Dan Ponder.
“That’s something very new and different in Georgia, to have a candidate actually embrace people on the other side of the aisle. This is not about electing me as a Democrat so we can push Republicans aside and keep playing the same nonsensical games. This is about having a governor who wants to work with everybody,‿ she said.
Full article here.
Posted by: Morton Brilliant
03:30 PM December 14
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