Help us Protect Ethics in Georgia

The headline says it all:“Politicians bite ethics watchdog.”

Seven months after Sonny Perdue became the first sitting governor in the history of Georgia to be fined for violating ethics laws, his political team is forcing out the state’s top non-partisan ethics watchdog, Teddy Lee. The Ethics Commission had not previously expressed any concern with Lee’s job performance.

Because the Ethics Commission has unfortunately become the arena for political opponents to attack each other, it is all the more important that the staff of the Commission is independent and not aligned with any political party or partisan agenda.

We need your help to send a message to Perdue.

Please sign our petition today and let Governor Perdue’s team know that Georgia won’t tolerate their partisan meddling.

This was not the first time that Perdue’s team mounted a partisan attack on the Ethics Commission. One of Perdue’s first actions as Governor was to force out an Ethics Commissioner years before the commissioner’s term expired; Perdue’s office said it was because he wanted “his own team of folks in place.”

Ethics advocates decried Perdue’s meddling at the time. And Common Cause’s former Georgia chairman called this latest action by the Perdue team “a terrible step in the wrong direction.”

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As Cathy Cox said yesterday,

“These actions taint any future decisions by the Ethics Commission with the brush of partisan politics. Whether it’s the Elections Board or the Ethics Commission, we have seen a rising tide of partisanship that prevents our government from working for all the people of Georgia. Our government leaders should focus their energy on improving our schools and creating jobs. Instead, they spend too much time engaged in these political games. It will take a change in leadership to finally make our government focus on serving all the people of Georgia.”

You can help us send a message to Sonny Perdue. Let him know that we want our government to focus on opening the doors of opportunity and making progress for all Georgians, not engaging in more of the same old partisan games.

Thank you for taking the time to be involved.