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Five Things You Can Do TODAY
To Elect Cathy Cox


Stay informed with updates, action items, and breaking campaign news. Just put your email address and zip code in the boxes on the right and we’ll take it from there. Because knowledge is power.


We’re building a grassroots campaign. You’re the roots. So take one minute and tell us about yourself . Pick the activities that you can help with. If it’s only an hour a month, that’s o.k. An action as simple as putting up a yard sign in front of your house might be the difference on election day. If you’re offering help, we’ll accept it. Gladly.


Here are some examples of what your money buys: A day’s worth of soda and food for volunteers – $15. Enough stickers for a single rally – $45. Stamps and stationary to mail letters to supporters – $65. A weekend’s worth of literature for door-knocking – $120. A single television ad on a Macon television station – $200. A radio ad in Atlanta – $450. Electing a new governor who will tackle the good old boy politics that hold Georgia back – Priceless. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, we need your help. Contribute today!


There’s lots of information about Cathy Cox on this website. Browse. Learn. And then communicate with your friends and neighbors. Because no matter how many ads we buy or literature we drop (and with your help we’ll do plenty of both), nothing’s more effective than a committed supporter persuading friends, family and neighbors.


There’s a lot of information about this race out there. If you see a mistruth about Cathy Cox, correct it. If you spot news we may have missed, send it. If you come across an opportunity, tell us. And keep checking these pages. When we need help, we’ll post an action item. When we release a new ad, put out a press release, or propose policies to make our government work for all Georgians, they will appear on our web site.