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House Parties These are opportunities to invite your neighbors and friends over to learn about Cathy Cox and to invite them to join the campaign.
Grassroots Meetings These are social meetings and get togethers designed for supporters to meet and work together to help get Cathy Cox elected.
Outreach Events Events designed to engage the greater community. Through voter registration drives, tabling at publicly attended events, and other traditional and creative means, these events are how you raise awareness of Cathy Cox among the general public.
Visibility Events designed to help familiarize people with Cathy Cox as a candidate and create a presence in the community of her supporters.
Parades These events are to help provide a presence in parades that occur throughout the state. Whether or not the campaign is able to have a contingency in the parade, supporters can join together and walk on behalf of Cathy Cox.
Community Service By organizing food drives, clothing drives, and volunteering for charitable organizations, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that your support for Cathy Cox is not just about an election but about the values we share.